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Fuzbien Technology Institute, Inc.

Fuzbien Technology Institute, Inc. is a Maryland-based research and product development firm.
Fuzbien Technology Institute, Inc. (FTI) was founded in 2007 to develop and commercialize the nanotechnology based medical devices using the Carbon Nanotube Transistor (CNT) technology.
FTI has licensed its IT technologies and patents for its core CNT technology in Korea and Maryland, USA. FTI mission is to identify and develop innovative products for health markets including IVD’s and instruments for disease biomarker detection. FTI develops market-viable products from conception through commercialization by collaborating with scientists in academia and industry, worldwide.

Our technology

Fuzbien Technology Institute, Inc. (FTI) is a world-class nanotechnology development and commercialization company. Nano technology platform of FTI leads the way in personalized medicine, reference and Point-of Care (POC) diagnostic device and test kits for assay by utilizing the FET-based sensor technology using a variety of semiconductors.


Fuzbien Technology Institute, Inc. (FTI) is at the forefront of medical technology, creating a new generation of nano diagnostic agents capable for detection, diagnose and monitor disease proteins, tumor markers and environmental substances as well as contagious diseases like COVID19.

Rapid Medical Diagnostic Tests for Diabetes

In collaborations with our partners, FTI has developed various non invasive medical devices for individual diabetics and devices for hospital uses:
FTI device SmartAlbu for individual Diabetics FTI devices for hospital use


  • SmartAlbu as a portable diabetes reader for personal use


  • SmartAlbu H models are for the hospitals and clinics.


  • FTI devices that were developed for the diabetes diagnosis for use in the hospitals and clinics (H-1, H-2).
  • Two readers are shown with the diabetes test cassette.
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  • info@fuzbientech.com